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Magnetic structurescope (coercimeter) MC-04-H :

Is developed by Ukrainian company Special Scientific Engineering and is used for evaluation of fatigue and residual life of metal including

  • High-pressure vessel, pipeline, spherical tank, storage tank, boiler;
  • Steam turbine rotor, impeller, blades, bolts;
  • Water power plant, steam power plant, onshore and offshore wind farm;
  • Nuclear reactors, pipelines and other facilities;
  • High-voltage transmission towers, recreation facilities, hoisting machinery;
  • Bridge, marine platform, railroad rails, train wheels;
  • Oil and gas industry including coiled tubing; As well as for
  • Residual stresses and fatigue of the new and repaired welded joints;
  • Efficiency of heat treatment in welding and mechanical engineering;
  • Efficiency of various metal hardening in mechanical engineering and metal-working industry
  • Evaluation of fatigue state of equipment from austenitic stainless steels;
  • Mechanical properties of the new and operating metal items.

Measurements are performed directly on operated equipment, without grinding and without contact liquid at temperature of the metal from -40 up to 600 degrees C, coating up to 6 mm, spot-wise or continuously, manually or automatically, nonstop or in sleep threshold mode.

Range of coercive force measurement, А/cm 1 – 40
Error of measurements in measurement range from 5 % to 2,5 %
Time of measurement cycle, sec at most 8
Time of continuous operation without recharging, hour at least 8 Manual portable device or industrial automatic system, standard or customized versions are available.


Magnetic structurescope
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