Phased array inspection (PAUT) of annular rings in the above ground storage tanks.

Sonotron NDT announces the new release of ISONIC A-RING PAUT software application for the detection, imaging, and evaluation of the pitting corrosion damages in the fillet weld area up to 100 mm (4 inch) inside the above ground storage tanks.


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PA Ultrasonic Inspection of Complex Geometry Welds:
True-To-Shape S-Scan / B-Scan and TFM Imaging Out of the
Same Scanning Data


Short Range Guided Wave (SRUT) inspection and mapping is
now possible with the use of PA modality.




Corrosion under Pipe Support (CUPS):
Sonotron NDT offers the most versatile technology for this application.

    • Qualitative evaluation: Short Range Guided Wave with conventional or PA probe.
    • Quantitative Evaluation: Multiskip  Phased Array Technologys





Corrosion under Insulation (CUI):

Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) is an inspection technique for inspecting carbon steel objects such as pipes and vessels, without the need for contact with the steel surface. PEC can measure percentage variations in steel thickness through any non-conductive and non magnetic materials between sensor and surface such as air, insulation material, concrete, plastics, coatings, sea water and marine growth, paint, , deposits, oil, composite repairs, fireproofing, “scabs” aluminium sheeting and other nonmagnetic insulation covers; so ideal for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) application.

The MAXWELL PECT instrument is designed for the inspection of carbon steel and low-alloyed steels, which are magnetic. For magnetic test specimens, the eddy currents are concentrated on the surface directly after the magnetic pulse. Subsequently, the eddy currents diffuse into the test specimen, until the backwall is “found”. This results in a characteristic shape A-scan: a straight line, corresponding to the diffusion of the eddy currents, followed by curved section when the backwall is sensed.