Phased array inspection (PAUT) of annular rings in the above ground storage tanks.

Sonotron NDT announces the new release of ISONIC A-RING PAUT software application for the detection, imaging, and evaluation of the pitting corrosion damages in the fillet weld area up to 100 mm (4 inch) inside the above ground storage tanks.


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PA Ultrasonic Inspection of Complex Geometry Welds:
True-To-Shape S-Scan / B-Scan and TFM Imaging Out of the
Same Scanning Data


Short Range Guided Wave (SRUT) inspection and mapping is
now possible with the use of PA modality.




Pipelines Corrosion Monitoring:

The benefits of guided wave testing (GWT) can be magnified if multiple collections from the same sensor at the same position can be compared and analyzed together. This allows:

    • The state of the structure to be regularly monitored for changes in a semi-automated way
    • More accurate separation of environmental effects (for example areas of frozen insulation) from real defects
    • Collections to be performed by less trained personnel (only requiring a fully qualified inspector when the sensor is first installed).


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