NDT Spot, Inc. is a Texas based company that promotes, represents and sells advanced technology products of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Inspection equipment used for the applications of Advanced NDT, Corrosion Monitoring and Integrity Assessment in the industries of Refining, Oil and Gas, and Pipeline, Aerospace MRO.

The main products that are sold by NDT Spot are: Phased Array, TOFD, conventional ultrasound equipment and accessories, Guided Wave equipment for the inspection of pipes, Electromagnetic technique equipment, External corrosion and deformation evaluation tools. Our products have unique features that make them leaders in the market. Graphical aids and tools, reliability, unmatched performance and extraordinary customer support are some characteristics that will help our customers to achieve their success.



NDT Spot provide the most advanced NDT and Corrosion assessment solutions for the Oil and Gas, Aerospace and Aviation industries, contributing with the safe, environmental friendly and efficient use of the assets of the operators of these industries in the market of USA, having as main goal, to build up a long-term relationship with its customers.