eddy current


The MAXWELL NDT Pulsed Eddy Current (PECT) instrument has been designed to offer a superior signal to noise ratio, in comparison to other instruments currently available. This is in part due to: 

• High current compact magnetic field probe
• Fast single pulse
• High Current NiMH batteries (hot swappable) combined with a high power pulse, due to large conductor diameter cabling.

The resulting superior signal delivers:

• Large range in wall thickness, up to 50mm (2") and insulation thickness combined, hence well suited to Vessel inspection not just piping/pipelines.
• High Speed testing at high insulation/lift-off distance.
• Extremely robust design delivers outstanding performance under the typical rigors associated with on-site inspection.
• Easy to use and intuitive software has been developed with the NDT technician in mind, simple reporting on-board the instrument and on your desktop PC.
• Excel format data provides easy compatibility with other applications.
• All-inclusive lifetime pricing means no annual software support fees.

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