Fast and cost-effective go / no-go clad diagnosis for any technician available on-siteClad Tool is a Go/no-Go tool for instant detection of clad layer after blending-out corrosion or scratches.

The CladTool is referenced in NTM procedure NTM 51-10-30.

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AeroCheck Family - eddy current flaw detectors




130 times faster and accurate thickness mapping of blended-outs overall aircraft skin..
Dedicated solution for rapid and reliable thickness assessment of large structure that encompass a Phased Array UT instrument, a 32 elements roller probe together with acquisition and automatic analysis software.

Eddy Current Probes and accessories

The Line family.

Ultra-fast and easy go/no-go composite panels delamination assessment by any member of your team D-Lam Tool is a small, portable ultrasonic phased-array (32 sensors) go/no-go device for easy preliminary analysis of delamination on multilayered composite panels (CFRP/GFRP) .

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Eddy Current Probes and accessories