Phased Array:

Isonic 3510

Designed and built under the drive for improved detection, productivity, and reducing of inspection cost, ISONIC 3510 resolves the well-known nowadays challenges faced by NDT and QA management such as increasing of nomenclature and complexity of inspections combined with more demanding codes, standards, and norms along with significant loss of domain expertise. 

ISONIC 3510 instrument carries the application based smart platform for the regular and advanced ultrasonic testing delivering.

5 inspection modalities – PA, TOFD, CHIME, SRUT GW, conventional UT and a combination of them.

  • Outstanding ultrasonic performance and probability of detection
  • Simplicity and intuitiveness of operation and data interpretation
  • Rapidness in the creation of the new inspection solutions and procedures
  • Easily expandable on-board solutions base
  • Reduced training time and cost
  • Comprehensiveness of automatically created inspection reports


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Conventional UT

Isonic 3505/7:


  • TOFD
  • SRGW - Short Range Guided Wave
  • True-to-Geometry Flaw Detection B-Scan
  • Thickness B-Scan
  • Interface echo
  • Encoded Raster Scanning (C-Scan and 3D)
  • Mechanics Free
  • Mechanized – Contact and Immersion (IUT)
  • Automatic – Contact and Immersion (IUT)
  • VAUT - Video Aided UT
  • GPS
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • UT over IP: Remote Control, Observation of the Indications, Data Acquisition through LAN, Internet, Intranet, etc
  • and much more...


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Isonic utPod:

The Swiss Army knife of UT 

Personal 400 g pack of advanced technology comprising:

Top Performance Flaw Detector
All-Functional A-Scan Thickness / Corrosion Gauge
Simplest Thickness / Corrosion Gauge
Through-Paint / -Coating Thickness Measurement with Use of Regualr Probes
Far Side Wall Thickness Measurement in Tubes with Use of Regualr Probes
Supervisor Lock / Unlock Settings Function
Comprehensive Data Logger: 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D data storage formats
Fully USB Controllable.


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