Inspection’s Swiss Army knife: multi-methods aerospace-dedicated tool boosting efficiency in all your daily operations. Multi-method single channel (UT, ET & resonance) and multi applications instrument for efficient, flexible and reliable inspections. The SmartUE1 is referenced in more than 50 NTM procedures to maintain Airbus aircrafts.

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AeroCheck Family - eddy current flaw detectors




One modular instrument for quick and accurate aerospace PAUT inspections – for every level of expertise.
Smart U32 is an UT and PAUT modular, dedicated multi-apps, portable instrument for quick and accurate C-Scan acquisition and analysis. Gain access to an innovative and efficient way of performing ultrasonic inspection while staying connected and synchronized with your team.

Eddy Current Probes and accessories


Cost-effective easy-to-use device for quick and accurate scratches measurements above 0.03 mm.
ScratchView is an optical high-definition laser profilometer, for quick evaluation and measurement of very small defects. Teammate of LineView for wide coverage from 0.03 mm up to 7 mm damages.

Referenced on Airbus A320 NTM 53-00-01-220-802-A01

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Eddy Current Probes and accessories

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